We think it’s time, with the shift of more and more brands producing in-house and agency content developers getting smarter and more creative with both budget and ways of producing, to clear the grey area surrounding music composition. But the creation of custom music is also magic and we don’t kiss and tell all. Heck, sometimes we don’t even know why a certain sound just clicks. 

For the creation of custom music for advertising we have divided the process in different phases, each with different levels connected to certain fees. In this way, you as our client can choose the most suitable approach for your brand and/or film and trust us fully to create the sound that clicks. Also we do not charge buy-out fees, why would you pay for exclusivity when it’s already custom made? We handle usage fees for the use of artistic property, based on the length of active push. 

At Heron Music you will:

  • Work with experts on translating brand values to music, within your timeframe
  • Receive a clear way of working that suits your budget 
  • Know how and why the sonic end result suits your brand
  • Only pay usage fees for the actively pushed media time
  • Be part of the magic of creating music by joining us in the studio

Heron Music was founded in 2020, right in the middle of the first COVID-19 lockdown, by creative brain Guido Maat and commercial thinker Ella Sonke. After working together for 5 years, being in a relationship for 14 years and having two beautiful kids together we thought the time was right to join forces and make our dream come true by starting our own company. We complement each other prefectly, both work wise as in our private life. There is a fine line between the two and thats how we like it, we want the studio to have both a homely and a professional feel.